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Book a 20 minute helicopter flight direct to Battersea, or a 30 minute aeroplane flight to the Channel Islands. Now you’re really flying.

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BEA In London In No Time

We provide 20 minute aircraft charters to central London. Our affordable travel solution uniquely combines convenience with luxury to make air travel fast and flexible at unbeatable costs.


Luxurious Business Jet and Helicopter Charter in UK and Europe

How Air Travel Should be

Our unique operations allow key business professionals to save time, cost and increase productivity. No more unnecessary overnight costs, time wasted on trains, or hours queuing at airports. Our aircraft get you where you need to be quickly and cost effectively. With new routes opening soon, discover our 1st Class service.


Luxury travel shouldn’t be this affordable.

Southampton to Channel Islands from £400

Cutting Edge Technology, Luxury and Efficiency

Luxury and comfort

Stylish leather interiors, generous legroom and smooth flight combine to create an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Reduced Flight Costs

Our modern aircraft fleet operate more efficiently and flexibly to make luxury air travel more accessible.

Piper M600 Turboprop Luxury
Low Emissions

Our state of the art, modern aircraft are extremely fuel efficient. Our aircraft emit over 53% fewer emissions than equivalent jet aircraft.


UK and EU CAA Approved AOC operations ensuring the highest standards of safety for you and your passengers.

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Luxury and comfort

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Safety and Security

Our modern aircraft fleet are equipped with the latest in safety systems and aviation technology.

UK & EU Wide Operations

Our aircraft are approved to operate across the UK and EU, making use of more convenient airfields then our competitors.

Experienced Crew

Flight crew are trained to the highest standards, and approved by the UK CAA and EASA regulators for Public Transport operations (AOC).

Modern Aircraft

Our modern fleet are all regularly updated, giving you the newest and latest aircraft to enjoy.

Fast and Affordable

Our efficient and cost effective fleet allows you to fly more, for less.

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Private Jet Charter London and Helicopter flights

Private Jet Charter London and Helicopter flights to the Channel Islands with our cheap flights to Central London and the Channel Islands find out more and book now for the Channel Islands or book now for London Battersea

London Helicopter Transfer to and from Battersea

Fly direct out of London Battersea to High Wycombe in 20 minutes, from £500 per person.
Fly BEA, fly direct in and out of Battersea London from various UK destinations

Southampton to the Channel Islands

With Fly BEA you can now Fly direct from Southampton to the Channel Islands and return with a Luxury Flight to and from the Channel Islands in under 30 minutes from £400pp skipping all long airport ques.