About FlyBEA

M600 Luxury Turboprop Family 514

FlyBEA is the latest, greatest way to travel. We provide quick, easy and importantly – more affordable luxury air travel, getting you where you need to be with minimum fuss, all while reducing environmental impact as much as possible.

Run by a team of air travel professionals with over 40 years of unparalleled experience – we know that often, air travel is extremely inconvenient! FlyBEA will transform the way you travel.

Just Get on Board

We are committed to offering premium flight solutions that are highly flexible, surprisingly affordable and get rid of the aggravation of airport travel.

There’s no need to spend 2 hours+ at the airport before even stepping onto the aeroplane.  No more enduring endless airport delays, long and tiresome queues, lengthy check-ins, passport hold-ups or watching the baggage claim anxiously awaiting the appearance of your luggage.

With FlyBEA you don’t have to do any of that!  Just purchase your ticket, bring your passport and bags and get onboard.

So, choose from either a seat on a helicopter or private charter aeroplane, you’ll beat the traffic and queues while enjoying extraordinary savings. And you’ll travel in style.

M600 Luxury Turboprop Lifestyle ET

Travel In Style

Sustainable Flying
We Are The More Sustainable Way to Travel in Style

Our aim is to bring quality, private air travel to more people – so we strive to keep our pricing as low as possible without impacting the environment.  Furthermore, it’s good to know that FlyBEA is also the more sustainable choice, and our aircrafts are typically just 50% of emissions compared to similar aircraft in the private charter market.  The remainder is offset for every single flight we take.

FlyBEA Seeks Greener Technologies

At FlyBEA, our team is committed to researching and implementing greener technologies as they develop because like you, we care about the environment we live in.  In the meantime, we keep our emissions as low as possible and endeavour to be carbon neutral on every flight, giving you added peace of mind.

Simple Booking
Hassle – Free Booking

We’ve made it as easy as possible for our customers to enjoy the benefits of FlyBEA travel.  Simply choose your online ticket purchase and travel by helicopter or private aeroplane.  You could start your FlyBEA journey today, click here for our booking page.

Where we Fly to and From

Book your seat on a helicopter from Wycombe Air Park to Battersea Heliport, right in the centre of London, or a seat on a private charter aeroplane from Southampton Airport to Jersey or Guernsey.

You’re in Great Hands

With years of exemplary experience in air travel, it’s inspiring to hear that FlyBEA is fully authorised and certified by the UK CAA to undertake public transport to stringently high standards. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable in the field of helicopter and aeroplane travel and all our aircraft are modern and comfortable, fitted with the latest equipment and technology.  Once you’ve travelled FlyBEA, you’ll never look back!

Click here to view our flight options, pricing and take to the skies.