About FlyBEA

M600 Luxury Turboprop Family 514

FlyBEA have focused on using efficient technology and aircraft to bring safe, reliable, fast and luxurious passenger transport to more people, but more than halving actual carbon emissions in comparison with the majority of other luxury aviation providers

Why Choose FlyBEA?

FlyBEA is a run by a company of aviation professionals experienced at working at all levels of the commercial aviation industry across the world.

As an approved CAA AOC public transport operator for both aeroplanes and helicopters, we want to take the best parts of aviation and bring them to you. A pleasurable end to end experience of flying, from easy booking, to VIP lounge, to Luxury flight, and then VIP lounge at the other end.

We believe in providing a luxury aviation service accessible to more people whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Say goodbye to long airport waiting times, forget inflexible major airlines, and come on the journey with FlyBEA.

M600 Luxury Turboprop Lifestyle ET